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The goal of the game is to step on tiles to convert them from one color to another, dodging enemies & traps laid along the way.
This tile-clearing action repeats until either a target percentage (A1) is cleared, all of the tiles are painted, or you lose all 2 lives somehow.
Take note of your Power Meter (A2), as clearing the target percentage with the Power Meter above the B-level (A3) will enter the Bonus Phase (B1):
in the Bonus Phase, most enemies are removed from the board, and each already-cleared tile you step on drastically reduces the Power Meter.
The Bonus Phase ends if either your Power Meter depletes entirely or if all of the tiles are cleared.

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Enemies will try to stop you in your tracks: if you hit one, the tiles around you are reset to a color not on the board and you lose a life.
Each enemy has their own patterns: some may inch toward you, while others can run after you.

Blob (circle)

The blob will only aim for you if you're on the same line as them.
They also come in different sizes: the smallest moves the fastest, while the big one moves the slowest.

Blob (diamond)

These are like the circular blobs, except they chase you if you're in one of the 8 directions they can percieve.

Blob (square)

This variation of a blob only moves in certain directions.
They can't be killed via normal means, and they still persist in the Bonus Phase.


They will pursue you constantly, regardless if you're on the same line as them or not.


If you're in this thing's line of sight, it will jump at your location to attack.
If it notices you, start running.